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Private Cloud as a Service

Dedicated resources and infrastructure for enhanced security and control

Private Cloud is the Future of IT Infrastructure

A unique architecture tailored to your needs delivers high performance, flexibility, and rapid scalability, running your IT systems on hardware that belongs only to your business. The private cloud is secure, rapidly deployable, and changeable as your needs evolve. You get complete control, full support and guidance from Razebay's team of experts at every stage of the infrastructure lifecycle.

Customization and Specification Options

With Razebay, you get a private cloud designed specifically for your business. Optimized for your data and systems, hosted in the best locations, balanced and secure in all aspects. You get 100%, but we can take over the entire management and maintenance if needed.

Leverage the World's Best Technologies to Build a Private Cloud Infrastructure

We know how to build a single cloud hosted in a network of datacenters around the world, running on the VMware platform with high reliability and resiliency. Additional cybersecurity measures can be applied in the cloud, including additional physical protection of data and equipment in data centers. Disaster recovery can also be connected to ensure systems continue to operate in the event of a main infrastructure failure.

In partnership with the best technology companies

Discover our managed private cloud benefits

We ensure your solution always performs optimally. To provide fault tolerance when needed, we offer only high-availability platforms, with a minimum of two servers per customer. To ensure optimal performance of your solution at all times, we eliminate single points of failure by using redundant BladeServer hardware.


At Razebay, we always find out where your end users are located and choose the optimal physical location of the servers. This allows for shorter data paths, increased speed, and more resilient systems.

Anti DDoS

We protect your servers from DDoS and other common threats. Depending on your objectives, our experts can create an additional security layer for your data that meets the most stringent requirements.

Cooling and Resilient power

Your data is in a safe place, as all of our data centers meet at least the N+1 standard, up to the N+N level, depending on your needs.

20-minute SLA

We offer a fast SLA with high requirements and expectations: and this is for the response times to requests.

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