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Disaster Recovery
as a Service

In the event of a disaster, keep your data and mission-critical systems available.

Prepare your business for the unexpected

Through replication and failover to a secondary certified and compliant DR site, we help businesses continue to operate. Replication of websites and applications from virtual or physical environments to DR data centers around the world.  Razebay's DRaaS eliminates the need to invest in and maintain an offsite DR environment. We have clearly defined recovery time and recovery point objectives to meet stringent disaster recovery SLAs.

Meeting business standards

When you're shortlisting companies for your next cloud hosting project, it's important to look at their compliance and accreditations. Razebay has been working hard to achieve externally audited accreditations in ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 9001, ISO 22301 and SOC 2. We are also PCI-DSS compliant, have Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certification and are part of the government's G-Cloud 13 framework.

DR without the capital cost

Costly to build and maintain, physical IT infrastructure for data recovery can sit idle and sometimes you may never need it. We've taken into account the under-utilisation factor over long periods of time and created the Razebay DRaaS service, which allows you to maintain complete reliability but reduce the cost of maintaining your infrastructure.

In partnership with the best technology companies

Razebay has been a trusted Recovery Point partner for over 8 years

As your business grows, your IT infrastructure becomes more complex and scalable. More and more processes depend on the proper functioning of IT. The Disaster Recovery service allows you to avoid many problems and ensure that your business processes continue to function properly even if your main IT infrastructure fails.

Supports complex data centers

We provide support for complex, branched systems and recovery point to help you create the most robust configurations for uptime.

100% uptime

100% uptime from inception and direct cross-connect access for customers to a wide variety of carriers for cross-network communication and traffic exchange. We build highly scalable, resilient and reliable recovery points

Detailed reporting

Unlike other DRaaS providers, Razebay can validate disaster preparedness at any time through high-load testing, the ability to simulate various disaster situations, and highly detailed test results reports.


To make sure our cloud environment is right for you, we offer demo tests, quick start pilots with our experts. This allows you to see how effective our solutions are before committing to a larger infrastructure migration project.

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