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Increased security and control with Razebay services

From strategy and planning to cloud capacity management, protection and development, Razebay experts can help manage your organization's cloud infrastructure at every level. We help you maintain the resiliency you need while staying within your budget.

Cloud Strategy

We've developed a process to help you move your current IT systems to the cloud and get up and running quickly and efficiently. Our fast-paced process reduces training costs for your staff and avoids mistakes through experience with similar projects. Our process has several steps:

Strategy: At Razebay, we develop a strategy for how you can integrate the cloud into your infrastructure. We develop a roadmap for the phased implementation of cloud technology based on the unique needs of your business. This allows you to mitigate risk and evaluate effectiveness without spending a lot of resources.

Design: Not only do we design a unique cloud infrastructure directly for your needs, but we also create documentation that allows your technical staff to quickly and accurately understand the features of the designed system. We design cloud systems for your rapid scalability and required levels of reliability and resiliency.

Implementation: Razebay will migrate your systems to the datacenter and perform heavy-duty system testing to verify uptime and reliability.

Cloud Management

You get one-stop access to purchase all key technologies and hardware from the world's leading manufacturers. Razebay managers can help you find the best solution for your situation, help you deliver and implement the right solution for you. We enable you to complete the entire work cycle as quickly and efficiently as possible through established processes and partnerships with key suppliers.

Proactively manage consumption: We create dashboards so you can monitor cloud service and system utilization in real time and plan your budget. Detailed reports identify processes that can be optimized. Our system allows you to keep your finger on the pulse and understand your spending at all times.

Access Level Management: Provide a management interface with different access levels for your staff, logging and control. Empower your staff with 100% independent management of your infrastructure, including online access and offline datacenter hot sits.

Tagged instances: You can use our analytics system to track resources for cost accounting purposes, allowing you to tag key events and receive notifications when selected metrics are reached.

Cloud Security

At Razebay, security is always our top priority. We adhere to global security standards. We provide virtual data protection as well as customized physical data center protection for the most sensitive data.

Our CS-department helps monitor suspicious activity, investigate incidents, and help implement measures to restore service in emergency situations

Ensure system security from the design phase of your cloud architecture

We use the best automated algorithms to protect against threats and identify vulnerabilities. We quickly replace software and hardware when Day-0 vulnerabilities are discovered.

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